Infinite Growth is a resource center for meaningful living. It provides information, tools, and connection to others. This is right for people who believe that our fate is shared, and want to make decisions that take into account values, community, and ecological impact.  

Holistic Vision

The Holistic Vision is a 6-week dive into imagining, articulating, and mobilizing towards your dreams.

Each week we look at a different aspect of your life.

We begin with your current decision-making context, then jump right into your prototype vision statement which includes writing prompts. We look at how your time is spent. We map the networks needed for the future you imagine. We dig deep into your assumptions. And finally, you leave with a decision-making funnel that will help you put your vision statement into action right away.

Suggested time needed:

  • Daily emails to keep your head in the game (15 mins on weekdays)
  • Workbook with exercises and prompts to express your vision and make decisions (60 mins per week)
  • Connection to peers (90 mins x3)
  • Coaching (60 mins - optional)
  • Special opt-in events

If you have 15 minutes per day plus at least 60 minutes per week for deeper reflection, this program can help you.

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Right now, Infinite Growth is working with individuals and groups using the Holistic Vision process. Do you have a group of people to convene around this topic? Would you like to join a group of people you don't know? Get started by filling out the contact form.

 Photo by Erin Coates-Connor

Photo by Erin Coates-Connor

The Beginning

My name is Danielle Coates-Connor. This began for me over a decade ago, as a struggle to find meaningful work. I was 25 years old, studying justice and sustainability. I wondered how to balance near and long-term planning. Is it possible to be ethical and prosperous? I learned holistic decision-making tools that helped me figure out how. This unfolded through my work in social change as a multi-media producer and communications strategist, foreshadowing the world we want and need. Read more

 Photo by Maanav Thakore

Photo by Maanav Thakore

Why Now

We live in a time where exponential economic growth is the driving force of our society. Yet we know that the economy is leaving behind entire communities and destroying the planet that sustains our lives. Infinite Growth seeks to use the digital tools available to create old-fashioned conversations between dreamers, doers, seekers, and finders. Together we can live well, and support future life. 

This will always be a work in progress.

Infinite Growth intentionally convenes cohorts across races, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, economic classes, ages, genders, sexualities, geographies, political beliefs, professional sectors, levels of education, and walks of life.