Week 3: Compost

Part of compost is just letting everything sit there and cook.

Part of compost is adding new matter.

Part of compost is turning it over and over.

Do what you need this week.

* please provide me with some feedback about your experience *

Get it out and onto paper!

Get it out and onto paper!

New exercises

Begin writing your vision statement. Three additional surveys are provided to help you create content. You may also want to bring in observations and notes from the previous 2 weeks.

week 2 review

Take another pass or try these out for the first time:


This two part activity supports selection of language for your statement. You are presented with a list of words, and asked to imagine life 25 years from now. You will be asked to consider yourself, your community, and the planet.



The purpose of this activity is to identify your current resources. As you do this, make note of areas you may need to develop for the future.



The purpose of this activity is to distill some of your learnings to date, and gain clarity about what you have, what you need, and why it matters. You may want to complete the Resource Mapping worksheet first.



Wheel of Life.png

Week 1

  • 5 Surveys to help you gather data on your Wheel of Life

    Did anything shift for you as a result of these activities? Keep your thoughts moving forward by writing about them.

    You may have reflections of your own coming up, which you should absolutely attend to. The worksheet provides you with some prompts.

    Link to Reflections Worksheet