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This video introduces the Holistic Vision, a 6-week online course that explores personal visions and life decisions.

The next public Holistic Vision Launches in March.

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The 6-week online program includes a 1:1 coaching session, group conversations, a workbook, and online class including video instruction. Price is $250; talk to me if that's not possible. I want these doors open regardless of ability to pay. These cohorts are fun! This is where I experiment and develop new tools, inspired by the wishes of each unique cohort.

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I am grateful to believe our fate is shared, and that we are already enough. That is why I do this.
— Danielle Coates-Connor

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Infinite Growth offers custom empowerment programs for organizations and companies seeking to unlock productivity through team clarity. Most organizations combine in-person learning events with individual coaching and team activities, resulting in empathy, trust, excitement, and sustainable motivation towards shared goals.

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Are you looking to convene a network? Need individual coaching? Want to team up in another way? Have a course you want to offer? Hit me up!

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This course is joyful, like the amazing young dancers in this video. We are creating the world we will leave behind for their grandchildren. Let’s make life beautiful, now and forever.
— Danielle Coates-Connor