Week 1: Expansion

In the grind of life, we might get lost from all that is possible. This week you are expanding your decision-making context by exploring your time, resources, and reflecting on where you are. The reason this is important is so that you open up space in your thinking for new possibilities. 

Taking Notes

Please consider keeping track of your thoughts over these six-weeks. It is a highly effective way to bring about changes in your thinking, which will influence your actions.

  • You may want to work on paper sometimes. Consider starting a book, folder, binder for this.
  • Lots of people love online journals like Evernote and DayOne. I often use mine on my phone.
  • You are provided with an individual Google Drive folder for things you want to save that way.
We are not talking here about the kind of notebook that is patently for public consumption, a structural conceit for binding together a series of graceful pensees; we are talking about something private, about bits of the mind’s string too short to use, an indiscriminate and erratic assemblage with meaning only for its maker.
— Joan Didion, Excerpted from On Keeping A Notebook


Wheel of Life.png

wheel of life

What are you developing? Are there things you have yet to develop? What is the next frontier for you? 

There are lots of surveys and worksheets to help you explore.

Link to exercises



Did anything shift for you as a result of these activities? Keep your thoughts moving forward by writing about them.

You may have reflections of your own coming up, which you should absolutely attend to. The worksheet provides you with some prompts.

Link to Reflections Worksheet

Please provide feedback on this week's activities.