Yes. If you are looking for structure, community, and coaching to articulate your future vision, this will help you. Note: It is a basic assumption of this program that you care about the health and prosperity of both current and future generations. You will be asked how your vision connects to ecological sanity and community health. Hopefully this is a plus for you!


Infinite Growth utilizes digital platforms to connect like people across the world in meaningful conversation. Currently cohorts of 30* or less participate in multiple group calls, daily emails, peer to peer support, and individual coaching. Suggested available time per week is 15 mins per day, 60 mins once a week for writing, and additional time some weeks for calls.

* That may sound like a big group, but it's not in a digital context. Our whole group experiences have tons of small group time, and there is 1:1 time with the instructor.

do you have scholarships and payment plans?

Yes. These systems are not yet formalized, but if you need financial assistance please don't hesitate to mention that when you sign up. In each cohort there will be scholarship spots. 

what do you mean "holistic"?

Holistic is referring to the comprehensive nature of the curriculum. You look across your life and across the impact of life on the planet in considering your vision.

why is this course online?

Face to face human interaction is priceless, and sometimes Infinite Growth events are in person. But the 6-week Holistic Vision is online.

As humans we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible with digital connectivity. That is a design and facilitation task that fascinates me (Danielle). 

In addition, this course is designed for people who are busy, on the road, raising children, and geographically dispersed.