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This two part activity supports selection of language for your statement. You are presented with a list of words, and asked to imagine life 25 years from now. You will be asked to consider yourself, your community, and the planet.


My quality of life today depends on meaningful connection to people, and care for the planet which sustains life. 

My central values are ________. 

(example: love, justice, and peace.)

I hold a vision for who I will be, what my community will be, and how the planet will be in the future. Even though the future is unknown, holding this vision will guide my decisions.

In community, I am known as ___________. 

(example: reliable, generous, honest, and creative.)

The community is ___________. 

(example: just, thriving, diverse, healthy.)

The planet is___________. 

(example: resilient, habitable, abundant.)