The Iceberg

The decisions you make day to day are supported by a system that, like an iceberg, is mostly below the surface. An important part of holistic decision-making is to understand the patterns, structures, and beliefs driving the actions or events in your life. This graphic demonstrates the different levels by unpacking the event "catching a cold."

Past participants have found the iceberg helpful for breaking out of old mental models. Mental models determine what we think is possible, and through these exercises, you can begin writing a new story. 


Explore Your Iceberg

This worksheet prompts you through the levels of the iceberg and asks you to sort observations into three categories:

  • Things in your life that are positive.
  • Things in your life that need to change.
  • Things in society that need to change.

Connecting to the Wheel

This worksheet prompts you through the Wheel of Life, integrating your observations into different levels of the system.


Whose Voice is that?

As you discover different mental models, these tips may help you trace back to their origins. It's important to remember that messages get distorted over the years, and take on a life of their own. See if you're carrying around some ideas that it's time to release.