March 2018

Group Agreements

  • Take responsibility for yourself and your learning
  • This is an environment of mutual support
  • We are all better than the worst things we say and do
  • Confidentiality: keep things in the group
  • Step up, step down
  • No ghosting, Show up as best you can
  • Take care of yourself and your needs

Collective Intentions

  • Evolving creative work

  • Listening

  • Need to align with purpose, find what brings me joy

  • Make decisions towards hearts desire

  • Optimism and humor

  • Resonance, listening - asking questions

  • Plant seeds of new ideas

  • Encourage each other

  • Helping others find words

  • Adventure, structure

  • Amplify others 

  • Conversations! Plans!

  • Processing things at length, creating connections

  • Curiosity

  • Confusing


  • Accountability
  • Encouragement
  • Sounding board
  • Look at time and develop a better tool to make choices to live out vision as an artist
  • Income generating work discovery
  • Wisdom
  • Creative parts of self
  • Leadership parts of self
  • Want more fun
  • Help identifying skills
  • Vision and clarity
  • More creative work
  • Reflection back / sounding board
  • Alignment
  • Focus, what's the whole plan for the organization I run
  • Exit strategy
  • Professional development
  • Explore what it means to live a meaningful life

Updated March 18, 2018