Rays of Light

Could a quick meeting make your day better and help you be more productive? Join us to find out.

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In February, 2017 Lawrence Barriner and Danielle Coates-Connor are facilitating an online conversation experiment. The commitment is over 5 days, for up to 30 minutes per day. This practice we call "Rays of Light" is a small, powerful way to reflect and it has increased our productivity. That's why we are sharing it!

Each person reports a "ray of light" they are grateful for, a task on their plate, and something blocking their way (physical or existential). The video provides demonstration.

I’m curious what will happen if we expand this. Will other people benefit from it? What would happen if we did a practice like this across multiple organizations?
— Lawrence Barriner II
I’m curious what happens when people speak a block into the world. How does that block then shift and open up? What kind of energy does it bring into our days when we have more humanity as we roll through our tasks?
— Danielle Coates-Connor