Lawrence Barriner II

"Infinite Growth has made me realize just how CRAZY it is that so many of us roam around the world without compasses for our lives. Sure religion and spirituality can help, but having a compass that is all my own, fine-tuned just for me gives me more clarity and direction than anything else."

Saba Tekle

"Infinite Growth helped me stay creative during a period of change and transition in my life.  The process of identifying interconnection and developing a holistic vision left me feeling more confident in my ability to make realistic, life affirming, and healthy choices. Danielle is a knowledgeable, thoughtful and supportive facilitator, while encouraging self exploration along the way.  I enthusiastically recommend the experience, and feel fortunate to be part of such an amazing cohort."

Laurel W.

"I highly recommend Infinite Growth to anyone looking for a more defined sense of what the heck they want to do in their life, and who they want to do it with. The program exposed me to new tools to navigate my life, increased my clarity on what I would like to pursue, and charged me with the inspiration to move forward."

Eduardo F.

"I had the fortune to meet Danielle at a key point in my life.  From a personal and also a professional standpoint, I was facing some key decisions and 'forks in the road'.  The tools and techniques I learned and put to use truly opened my eyes to a positive and constructive way to deal with those choices.  I can't recommend Danielle highly enough for her honest, thoughtful, and deeply caring ways."

Mia Davis

"My husband and I did our first Infinite Growth (IG) program with Danielle 8 years ago. This was before we were married or had kids. Over the years we often remarked on how important IG was to our coming together - to recognize that we were on the same page, we had a shared vision and similar/complementary goals and strategy. It helped us both to know that we were ready to move forward together, and gave us a shared set of tools to navigate big decisions.

Recently we were both at a career crossroads and contemplating a cross country move. We decided to embark on IG again, with a new group of peers. The tools are even more refined and useful, and the group process - the support and accountability - was hugely helpful. Above all, the process is awesome because of Danielle. She is a gifted communicator - calm, insightful, lucid, respectful, funny, and warm. I highly recommend IG to anyone looking for new or improved tools in decision-making and life."

Benjamin Spear

"I can trace the major wins in my growing, evolving career to my time with Danielle. Clarifying and focusing on what I truly want has magnified success and gratification across my life, with clear contrast before and after Infinite Growth." 

Nicholas Pieri

"In 2009, I was fortunate enough to participate in an Infinite Growth (IG) workshop. It allowed me to articulate my values and a clear vision for the future, how I wanted to spend my time, and what was important to me. I am so happy and grateful that many of the things I articulated in that workshop are in my life today. The tools and process of IG helped me to lead a more purposeful, joyful and balanced life over the last 8 years. 

Recently, at a different stage in life and with major decisions pending, I joined an IG cohort again, participating over the course of 6 weeks, completing exercises on my own time and joining the group on video calls. The accountability to the other participants was motivating and the interaction with the group was powerful. 

Danielle uses participant feedback to grow and improve the program continuously. She has incredible communication skills and a unique ability to ask good questions that enabled me to dig deeper and make decisions based on the values and vision that are behind the life I want to lead. I highly recommend IG to anyone seeking positive change and growth in themselves and the world."