First, describe a decision you would like to test. Put it the form of an action.

Example of a small decision: Bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.

Example of a big decision: Leaving my job.

Try using the clarifying questions for decisions big and small as you get going, to familiarize yourself with the tool.

Holistic Clarifying Questions

  1. Direction - Does the action you are considering move you toward your Holistic Vision? If not, stop right here! If it moves you toward parts of your goal but not others, keep moving forward.
  2. Social Weak Link - Have you considered and/or addressed any confusion, anger, or opposition this action might create with people whose support you need and/or desire in the future? Think about people in your life (refer to your mind map).
  3. Benefit - Will the proposed action provide you with a big return, in terms of your Holistic Goal? Is this a “big deal?” Consider the time, money, or energy (including emotional energy) you will spend.
  4. Energy and Money - Is the energy (including emotional energy) or money to be used in this action derived from a source consistent with your Holistic Goal?
  5. Sustainability –If you take this action, will it lead toward or away from the future you described in your Holistic Goal?
  6. Final Gut Check – Considering all the questions and your Holistic Goal, how do you feel about this action now? What does your “gut” say? After you have looked at your decision holistically you still have options.
  • A solid YES can be helpful, affirming that you have thought through the proposed decision.
  • Even if it tests positive using the questions, you may choose NOT to do it anyway. Trust your intuition.
  • You may choose to rethink the decision, do more research or test an alternative action. It is okay to sit with a decision.
  • You may rethink and rewrite your Holistic Goal (this may happen often as you first learn to use your new temporary Holistic Goal). Testing real-life decisions provides context for what belongs in your Holistic Goal.