Week 2: Wheel of Life

Guiding Video / Audio

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Workbook Assignment

This week you review how your time is spent, and imagine what is possible using the Wheel of Life in the Holistic Vision workbook.

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Congratulations on getting here!

Give yourself an hour this week to complete these exercises.

Play with this. Break it. Rebuild it.

Play with this. Break it. Rebuild it.

Walking Through Life Meditation

Preview the week's email blasts! Prepare your mind for the information coming. Spend some time in silence.

Listen to the meditation.

Cameron Russell Joins us Thursday at 8PM EST

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This year she was among Glamour's Women of the Year for her lifting up of #metoo stories on Instagram, exposing the violence models face on the job. In this special 60-minute conversation, we’ll talk with Cameron about her life and work.