Wheel of Life

In the Holistic Vision we look at how our time is spent across segments: work, finances, health, fun, faith, family, relationships, and learning. The workbook linked below invites you to define these segments for yourself. For example, you decide who your family is. If the word faith annoys you, replace it with a word that works. You get the idea? You are the decider about what different parts of your life mean. 

This activity is designed to get you thinking about the confines of a 24 hour day so that you can manage time as a resource. Are you spending your life in an area where you are unhappy? Why? Or maybe you are busy all the time. Can you allow for your life to be spacious? What might happen in the open space? Just some low-key spreadsheet fun as a structure for imagination, dreaming, and gaining clarity about what is true now, and where you are going.

This workbook includes three sheets.

  1. Define For Yourself: Describe the activities in each segment, decide if it is a priority, and imagine what you want to create in this segment this season.

  2. Where do you actually spend your time? Please be as honest as possible. This is for you - not your mom or your partner or your boss or whatever other voices are in the mix.

  3. Where do you aspire to spend your time? Compare your current reality to your desired reality.


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  • Time is not linear in reality. This tool is designed to be linear so that you can narrow your priorities and find open space to live your dreams.

  • Once you have completed all the sheets, go back to sheet 1 “Define for Yourself”, and make revisions to your goals in column D based on what you learned about your time/capacity.

  • Relax. You can change your mind. Practice writing down what you really want, and being honest about what is actually happening right now.

  • Walking through your everyday life, notice - where am I? Notice when you shift from one segment of your life to another, and where the lines are blurred. Notice all the ways you are learning. Think about relationships from the interpersonal all the way out to your connection to the planet and beings seen and unseen. Know in your body where your time is spent.

Stretch your thinking

What does your Wheel of Life look like? How can you dig into it and spend more time on what you love?


Your reflections are gold! Thank you for taking a moment to contribute your thoughts about this page and linked worksheet. This is how I make it better.

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